Sub Par Herb Companies

List of Sub-Par Herb Companies.

Some herb companies cheat on the quality of their ingredients. Evidently they only have to have 5% of any given herb, and that can even be a part that is not the active part of the herb. Example; The label may say olive leaf and the manufacturer can put olive root and get away with it. Walmart is notorious for selling sub par herbs and they are not alone.

My experience; I recently purchased “Natures Truth” brand of Red Yeast Rice from Walmart. I have had two strokes six months apart four years ago. I started taking Red Yeast Rice and have not had a stroke since. I recently bought some Red Yeast Rice made by Natures Truth from Walmart and in two days began to have symptoms of a stroke, it was much worse the third day. The afternoon of the the third day I bought a “NOW” brand of Red Yeast Rice and took three capsules and in a few hours the symptoms stopped. To me this is proof that the Natures Truth brand and Walmart sells sub par products. I will never use another “Natures Truth” product. Shame on Walmart and Natures Truth for endangering my life.  Joe Holmes webmaster.

If you have had an experience like mine tell us about it so others can avoid harm to their health.


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