About Joe Holmes (author, researcher)

About Joe Holmes (author, researcher)

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Joe Holmes

Welcome to Smart Steps. The purpose of this site is to inform,
and support people with autoimmune diseases.

Join our forum, share your story and help others.


My story and why I am doing this forum
In 1995 after beginning to sleep up to 20 hours a day I started collecting scientific research about herbs and posting them on herbdiscovery.com. It is now the largest web site in the world posting scientific research by disease and herb directories. I began it because I went from good physical shape running my own construction company with twelve employees to within a week of taking antibiotics for an infection, to severe brain fog and sleeping up to 20 hours a day. When I told the doctor I was healthy until he prescribed antibiotics for my infection he scoffed at me, calling me a hypochondriac and said antibiotics could not do that.

I have since discovered that some Lyme patients have died due
to antibiotics, and Lyme experts warn about high doses of
antibiotics to treat Lyme disease. Yet antibiotics are the
recommended protocol of the medical industry.

I was bitten by a tick in Boise Idaho at the age of 16 (1960) and immediately began to suffer from allergies and frequent colds. After almost twenty years of research I finally put my health history together with what I had learned and realize I have all the reported symptoms of Lyme disease. The doctors laugh at me and say that is impossible because Lyme disease was not discovered until 1975 in Lyme Connecticut far away from Boise, Idaho and 15 years later. One doctor asked if I had ever been in the New England area and when I said no, he told me in a scornful way that I could not have Lyme disease.

I have had a couple Lyme blood tests and they indicate I do not have Lyme disease. I have since discovered that the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferithe that causes Lyme disease is not detected in the blood, so a blood test is not accurate. The medical industry in its rude suppression of the truth, teaches doctors that if a person does not test positive with the inaccurate blood test they cannot have Lyme disease.

Lyme disease can be spread from pets to humans by fleas or
mosquitoes and is in every State and some warn that it will
become a plague because the medical industry is ignoring it.
Even if they recognized it, they have no way to cure it.

I don’t know if I have Lyme disease or not, I don’t need doctors to give me a disease label. I know I have all the symptoms and my immune system is sick. It is not important to me whether I have Lyme disease or some other autoimmune issue, what is important is that I believe there has to be a way to cure it, and the medical industry cannot and will not!

I am not alone thousands have experienced similar treatment by the medical industry. See a list of 54 autoimmune diseases. 

Recently I have become more aware that many people are suffering from autoimmune diseases. In my research I have seen proof that the government, drug companies, and food manufacturers are suppressing and even lying about the harm caused by food additives and drugs that cause autoimmune diseases in order to increase their profits.

See the “low fat lie” proof that the government, food
industry and medical industry is lying to us.

This point of view is increasing and I estimate that when I started my research in 1995 about 20% of people realized this, and now it is about 50% and growing. There are many people who believe herbs and natural medicine are quackery. However those who are waking up to the medical industries inability to cure their diseases are rapidly turning to natural medicine.

It is a cold hard fact that our medical industry is
increasing the harm of autoimmune disease. 

Now, I am not anti-doctor. I recognize most medical professionals are deeply caring people and that most of the great scientific innovations do save lives. My complaint is that doctors are one of the most regulated and controlled professions. AMA, FDA, FTC. Drug and Food industries with greedy money, controls and punishes doctors if they prescribe herbal cures.

What ever the cause and or coverup the cold hard fact is that millions of people are suffering with autoimmune diseases and there is no medical cure for them. Yes that is right our doctors have no way, no drug or protocol to cure autoimmune diseases. Yet many doctors prescribe drugs that make it worse or at best alleviate some symptoms.

Congress is the main culprit by taking money bribes and making laws that suppress the truth and protect greedy money industries and companies. One of the most blatant examples is the allowance to let companies create genetically altered foods that cause immune problems. Another is their refusal to stop poisonous additives such as synthetic sugars and excito toxins that cause the body to create mutated hormones that destroy the immune system. Proof is that scientist all over the word have proven synthetic oils, sugars and excito toxins like MSG and Aspartame are poisonous, yet the FDA has them on their safe foods list. Then the AMA, FDA and FTC prosecute healthy herbs not because they are bad, but because they threaten the profits of those with high paying lobbyist. For example Congress outlawed the herb Ephedrine because it was costing the drug and medical industry millions in weight loss profits. Ephedrine kills cancer and helps lose weigh. It did cause some harm, but not because it was bad, but because money greedy people over prescribed it. Even too many apples cause one to get sick.

The new trend for natural is just as bad and is also wrought
with snake oil cures and money greedy products often selling
for many times their value.

Please report your experiences, good or
bad for products or treatments.

  Autoimmune disease is growing like a plague and
when the Biblical plagues come, many will die,
in fact many are dying now!!!

Autoimmune disease is a plague today!

If you do not have an autoimmune problem you
probably know someone who does.

There are natural cures and we must share them with each other.
If you share my concern and desire to find cures for autoimmune diseases
with a desire to help others please do not read this then do nothing!
I have some knowledge, but not enough to do this alone.

Join with me and lets help eradicate autoimmune disease.

Please join the forum and share your experience and wisdom, what is your story, what have you tried or what is helping you?

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