How The Immune System Works

How Important is the Immune System?,
and How it Works.


“Autoimmune diseases, specifically, now affect 24 million people and include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and more.” Source

Immune system and cancer. “It’s certainly going to become an independent way of treating cancers,” said Dr. Philip Greenberg, head of immunology at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle,” Source

There are at least 100 diseases caused or impacted by a weak immune system.  Diseases such as Type II Diabetes, Cancer, Celiac, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Obesity, Chronic fatigue, Energy, even depression and Brain function are just a few.  See a list of 100 diseases related to the immune system

Statistics indicate that about 25 to 35% 0f the US population has good health and may not need to boost their immune system. That means 65 to 75% have some kind of illness and need to boost their immune system. Those with good health often do not understand why others are sick. This means often those who are sick suffer in silence and some struggle to live through the day. Some agencies including the CDC indicate autoimmune diseases are increasing and warn that they are reaching Biblical plague concerns..

From NCIB (National Institute of Health) conveyed twenty doctors to study the immune system. This is the first sentience of their report. “The immune system is increasingly found to be involved in the development of several chronic illnesses, for which allopathic (mainstream) medicine has provided limited tools for treatment and especially prevention.”  Click to see the report. 
In other words main stream medicine has no clue of how to treat the immune system and they are worried about the increased danger of it causing numerous diseases. Drug companies are furiously trying to find a drug to treat it. However pharmaceutical drugs make the immune system worse. Because natural herbs cannot be patented so that drug companies can charge high costs they instead attack natural herbs.
disease increase since world war II,
Diabetes effected 1 to 2% of the US population in 1944 and now it is estimated to be between 25 to 40%.  Every disease has increased at the same rate as Diabetes. So have gender issues increased at the same rate. So what changed between 1944 and now and why is it so important to know?
Chemist who created biological warfare during the war went to work for pesticide, food and drug companies and invented plastics, food additives, DDT and other pesticides. New chemicals have been invented and used without testing for their impact on humans. Pesticides sprayed on crops, artificial fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones for animals, antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs and injections for humans, all these have contributed to the increase of disease.
Why is it that we have the greatest medical inventions in the world yet also have an increase of diseases. Did you know that the US incidence of disease from immune deficiencies is higher than any other country in the world?


Scientists are finding that the gut regulates the immune system and they together regulate brain health. Sources

There are multiple theories to heal the gut, from vegan to probiotics.  A vegan diet lacks essential amino acids that the body must have for health and probiotics alone do not heal the gut.  I agree that increasing natural foods with about 25% free range meat and probiotics is important, but only about half of what is needed.  In my 25 years of collecting science about health on I have discovered scientists refer to a chemical process called NF-KB or Kappa-B as the root cause or result of every disease. Other terms for this process are Oxidative stress, Oxidation, free radicals, medical mayhem, autoimmune disease and the body killing itself. See a list of some things that cause disease.

First it is important to know why our immune systems are failing at an epidemic rate so we know what to do to repair it.

NF-KB is best described as free radicals which is the process of toxins attaching to the walls of healthy cells like rust on steel as depicted in the following illustration.

When toxins increase the voids between the cells, we become sick and obese. Free radicals attach to the cell walls which causes;

  1. Thick cell walls: Means transfer of blood nutrients and oxygen are impeded. (low oxygen causes Cancer)
  2. Removal of trash to the lymph system impeded.
  3. Essential communication between cells impeded.
  4. Scientists estimate there are millions of openings in the cell walls to work like doors to the blood and lymph system and for sodium and potassium to go into and out of the cells. The openings for sodium and potassium are called sodium potassium pumps and they generate electricity for the body. Thus, when the cell wall thickens less electricity is generated. The brain and the heart are the organs impacted the most from lowered electricity. Instead of using chemicals to force feed our brain and heart lets fix the source cause which is to remove toxins.
human cell, mitochondria, health, immune system
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So what these two illustrations mean is that the cause of the increase of disease today is toxic chemicals. We have gone from using natural herbs and foods to genetically altered food and millions of toxic chemicals as food additives, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and feeding animals toxic chemicals and injections. Since the wonders of polio  vaccination and penicillin, we have increased drugs and toxic chemicals faster than proving their safe effect on our bodies.

Add to this the results of greedy companies and industries to make our foods addictive and compromise health in order tostop the lie, lowfat causes obesity, market the most tasteful products that make them more money. The best example of this is the recent discoveries that the sugar industry paid scientists to fabricate the low fat craze.  Add to this toxic chemistry of MSG, excito toxins, genetically altered food and toxic food additives.

Now consider another evidence of the illustrations; note that on the same scale that diabetes has increased so has other diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Celiac disease that were unheard of in 1944.  Depression was called melancholy, effecting a small percentage of people compared to today.  A serious fact portrayed with these illustrations is what toxins and free radicals called excitotoxins are doing to our society. It is that gender and sexual issues, and crimes resulting from mental issues have increased at a similar rate. Have you noticed how whenever a tragic shooting occurs everyone looks for family issues or mental and totally unaware of the food/chemistry relationship. I mentioned excitotoxins several times but did you know every synthetic sugar substitute as well as sugar are excitotoxins?

Excitotoxins are important to understand because when
they enter the body they create havoc as a toxin but much
worse when they get to the organs that create hormones
they toxify the organ and cause new hormones to be mutated!!

Every soda drink contains toxic sugar and every diet drink contains aspartame or similar altered sugar that mutates our hormones.

How the Immune System Works, health, disease, We need to understand how the immune system operates. I am not a doctor or medical expert. This illustration is intended to provide information as it relates to free radicals.

There are two functions of the immune system;

FIRST to clean up an injury which can range from a sprained ankle to an upset stomach. Often this process means killing damaged cells.

SECOND to stop the cleanup and start to repair the issue. This can only start if the Endocrine system has sent a chemical signal (plans) to the immune system to stop killing cells. If the toxins in the body have compromised the Endocrine system the stop signal will not be sent and this results in what is referred to as autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease is what we want to heal or remove.

The goal of boosting the immune system is to remove toxins and heal the hypocretin system and the gut.

So how do we do this?

  1. STOP INGESTING TOXINS no amount of good chemistry is able to completely heal if we are still ingesting bad chemistry. It is like putting pure water in a jar then adding a little black mud and wondering why the water is dark or why we are taking good things and not getting healthy.
  2. If we want to be healthy, we must become the ultimate decision maker and quit being like an Ostrich with its head in the sand. The internet has tremendous knowledge but beware for every truth someone will counter it with false information. We must be wise and learn to discern truth.  Example; I researched Stevia’s new research that it killed Lyme bacterium in a petri dish, then another site said it is worthless because a petri dish is not representative of the human body and it cannot cross the intestinal wall, then further research I discovered drug companies use Stevia in their drugs to carry their drug through the intestinal wall.  There are people who knowing lie and create false reports to deceive and keep us from the truth.  Another example is the low fat diet with the food and medical industries and government prolifically propagating the lie even after it is proved to be harmful. For our health and life we must be wise.
  3. Food, drugs and herbs are not the only things we must examine.
    1. There are many diseases that cause illness other than autoimmune diseases and one size does not fit all. However with that said free radicals will exist with every disease so even if the disease is not directly caused by free radicals we still need to be aware of what it does.
    2. Doctors over use the hypochondria theory but it does not mean negative thoughts cannot make us sick.  A newborn baby certainly did not think up their illness as the Dr’s use of hypochondria would dictate. The illustration Seat of Health suggests that there are many mental and spiritual issues for health we need to be aware of.  Hate can cause us to be sick.  See how to remove anger, PTSD and improve joy in life with LSFT  See how thoughts change our cells.
    3. There are many alternative modalities such as acupuncture that are scientifically proven to offer healing.  Examine them carefully for your issues, they just might provide healing traditional medicine cannot do.



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